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Creating a simple page using MediaWiki

On, we've built the website using MediaWiki, a great wiki building platform that provides a fairly accessible syntax for beginners. Listed below are some things you need to know when writing your first article on this site.

Naming Scheme

At, we want to make a visitor's browsing experience as pleasant as possible. To ensure this, we've provided contributors a simple naming scheme to abide by that will help keep things organized and uniform and make our wiki look professional.

  • For films, theater work, and novels, the title should be: PIECE_TITLE (RELEASE_YEAR)
  • For modeling work, the title should be: COMPANY_NAME/PRODUCT_NAME [in MAGAZINE/NEWSPAPER_TITLE] (YEAR_OF_PUBLICATION/Unknown year)
  • For interviews, the title should be: Interview(s) with INTERVIEWER_NAME (YEAR_OF_PUBLICATION/Unknown year)
  • For photographs, they should be labeled with their origin (if known) and year (or approximate year) in the metadata (use the "Upload file" button in the top bar for photographs)

Creating the article

First, to create your page, click on the "Create Page" link in the sidebar. Here, enter the name of the article you'd like to create. (Be sure that the name you choose is typo-free and follows the provided naming scheme provided above.) Finally, press "Create Page" and you'll be taken to a new page where you'll be writing your article.

Writing the article and adding elements

Once the page has been created, you're ready to start writing. MediaWiki has several buttons above the text box to alter font, add hyperlinks, and more. To use them, highlight the text you wish to alter and click the button you'd like. (NOTE: The alteration of the font will not appear in the text box. If you'd like to check the changes you've made without publishing, press "Show preview.")

However, there are some other things that are helpful for creating articles, like adding pictures and video. Below is the syntax (code) needed to add these elements to your article:

Creates an image (uploaded using the "Upload file" button) with a frame around it and a caption below that says "Anna Karina's Criterion profile photo.":

Anna Karina's Criterion profile photo.

[[File:criterion.jpg|thumb|Anna Karina's Criterion profile photo.]]

Creates a gallery of images that will be centered in a row (these boxes represent normal gallery images for various fish):

<gallery mode="packed-hover">
Image:Astronotus_ocellatus.jpg|''[[commons:Astronotus ocellatus|Astronotus ocellatus]]'' (Oscar)
Image:Salmonlarvakils.jpg|''[[commons:Salmo salar|Salmo salar]]'' (Salmon Larva)
Image:Georgia Aquarium - Giant Grouper.jpg|''[[commons:Epinephelus lanceolatus|Epinephelus lanceolatus]]'' (Giant grouper)
Image:Pterois volitans Manado-e.jpg|''[[commons:Pterois volitans|Pterois volitans]]'' (Red Lionfish)
Image:Macropodus opercularis - front (aka).jpg|''[[commons:Macropodus opercularis|Macropodus opercularis]]'' (Paradise fish)
Image:Canthigaster valentini 1.jpg|''[[commons:Canthigaster valentini|Canthigaster valentini]]'' (Valentinni's sharpnose puffer)
Image:Flughahn.jpg|[[Image:POTY ribbon 2007.svg|25px]] ''[[commons:Dactylopterus volitans|Dactylopterus volitans]]'' (Flying gurnard)
Image:Fishmarket 01.jpg|''[[commons:Semicossyphus pulcher|Semicossyphus pulcher]]'' (California Sheephead)
Image:Pseudorasbora parva(edited version).jpg|''[[commons:Category:Pseudorasbora parva|Pseudorasbora parva]]'' (Topmouth gudgeon)
Image:MC Rotfeuerfisch.jpg|''[[commons:Category:Pterois antennata|Pterois antennata]]'' (Antennata Lionfish)
Image:Cleaning station konan.jpg|''[[commons:Novaculichthys taeniourus|Novaculichthys taeniourus]]''
Image:Synchiropus splendidus 2 Luc Viatour.jpg|''[[commons:Synchiropus splendidus|Synchiropus splendidus]]'' (Mandarin fish)
File:Psetta maxima Luc Viatour.jpg|''[[commons:Psetta maxima|Psetta maxima]]'' (Turbot)
File:Australian blenny.jpg|''[[commons:Category:Ecsenius|Ecsenius axelrodi]]''

Embeds a YouTube video with the ID "zM8LysVo4bs":


If anyone needs advice or help with adding any more formatted content, please reach out to us and we'll add it to this list.

Adding sources

Sources can be cited using two tags: the <ref> tag and <references /> tag.

Here is an example of how to use each:

Anna Karina is a French actress.<ref>Some referenced material.</ref>
<references />

This will appear like the following:

Anna Karina is a French actress.[1]


  1. Some referenced material.

Adding a category

To add a category to an article, include one of the following lines at the bottom of the article:


Finishing the article

When you're finished writing the article, be sure to press the "Show preview" button to check out how it looks. If it looks good, you can press "Save page" and it'll publish the article online.

If you forgot anything or want to make any changes, press "Edit" in the top bar and it'll bring the editing platform back up. It's also helpful to other editors (and possibly your future self) to write the changes you made in the Summary box located directly below the text box on the editing screen.

Finding your article

You can always locate your article at the URL you created it. But you can also locate it on the category page that it's classified under. The category pages can be located on the sidebar and on the home page.